Motivated by the desire to create, my projects focus on blending art with adventure. From unique graphic designs to curated collections of marketing materials, my work is inspired by the wild. Please, take a moment to explore the projects I've listed below.

Image by Dustan Woodhouse

Integrating Recycled Materials into Design

Discovering Solutions for Pollution

Saving our environment and protecting the planet from the harmful effects of single-use products and materials is paramount for companies that want to make a profit in the modern age. I have created a comprehensive design and product conceptualization portfolio using recycled, upcycled, and sustainable materials as a basis for inspiration.


Marketing Plan & Brand Management of 
Open Roads Mercantile, LLC.

Creation and Implementation of a Business

The strategic implementation and monetization of my art while simultaneously funding the wildlife conservation causes I passionately support. The project follows the stages of establishing my business, designing my website, structuring my company, and creating comprehensive plans for continued growth and development.

Winter Fashion

A Strategic Analysis of Urban Outfitters, Inc.

Recommendation Resources for Success

After a thorough business analysis and competitor comparison, I was able to develop some key managerial recommendations to help propel Urban Outfitters, Inc. towards continued success in shifting markets and changing retail atmospheres. It is my belief that the Urban Outfitters company and its umbrella of brands have the potential to dominate the competitive market of lifestyle products and fashion apparel.

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